Our Board


•  Eleanor Walther - President

•  Jim Kenney - Vice-President

•  Patricia Stelzner - Secretary

•  Doyle Kimbrough - Treasurer

•  Steve Ewing

•  Carol Peters

•  Suzanne Shave

Board members are volunteers who are elected to a two year term.

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Mission and History


The purpose of the Rio Grande Neighborhood Boulevard Association (RGBNA) is to preserve and protect the history, geography, and landscape of Rio Grande Boulevard in a manner consistent with the Rio Grande Boulevard Corridor Plan and to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action so that the quality of life in the area is in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural and historic needs and interests of the residents. To this end, the activities of RGBNA will include, but are not limited to: sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fundraising and public education programs as deemed necessary. 

RGBNA conducts twice yearly general membership meetings, which provide a forum to hear about the latest issues affecting the neighborhood, hear reports from elected officials, and voice questions, concerns and suggestions. The RGBNA Board meets throughout the year to discuss various issues related to our community. 

For over twenty years a succession of RGBNA Boards and individual community members have successfully preserved the semi-rural residential and commercial characteristics of Rio Grande Boulevard by the following activities:

  • Planning - RGBNA began as the steward of the 1989 Rio Grande Boulevard Corridor Plan. RGBNA members have been actively involved with the current updating of the plan, and we publish relevant documents from this planning effort on our website.

  • Zoning - Monitoring of all issues affecting the Association area.  RGBNA representatives appear before the Environmental Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Examiner and Appeals Board to voice RGBNA opinions on zone and variance changes.

  • Traffic - Successfully opposing additional traffic signals, success in acquiring a reduced speed limit on Rio Grande Boulevard and success in acquiring the funding for intersection safety improvements.

  • Enforcement - Influencing City of Albuquerque Police and enforcement authorities to enforce the Noise and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance and to address substandard housing, crime and other illegal activities. For more than twenty years, board and individual members of the Rio Grande Boulevard Neighborhood Association have worked, diligently and faithfully, to honor the trust placed in them to accomplish the purpose of the Association, and to serve the entire Rio Grande corridor. The result has been the preservation of the semi-rural, low density, residential character, which so many say that they value and appreciate about the corridor and surrounding area.