Minutes from official meetings

Board Meeting 9/19/2017


Board Meeting


Los Griegos Center

 1231 Candelaria NW

6:30 pm

1.  Call to order 6:28 PM. Eleanor, Doyle, Jim, Pat, and Monica are present. 

2.  Treasurer's report: Only expense was for GoDaddy's account, $110. Total account is $1,200. Full report to follow. 

3.   Adding backup persons to Email and website use: Jim will be the backup. 

4.   Fall meeting scheduling and planning: will not have officials invited for this meetings. Date is October 26, 2016, at 6 PM. Jim will find out about posting announcement on Flying Star's announcement board, he will also post at the Coop, and will talk to some local businesses about sponsoring the meeting. 

5.  Update on happenings along the boulevard

A. Roundabout: Ike was asked about that on the news and he said it was still in the planning. Doyle will further inquire about this. 

B. Boulevard Striping: Trial period of a year will end soon. We will express our support for striping, also need to re-paint before cold weather, and possibly different color for bike lane. 

C. Infill projects: Doyle discussed the different projects. 

6.  Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) discussion: it is being considered by the Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee, which is a subcommittee of the City Counsel. Next meeting is 9/27/17. Ike is a member of this committee. It is likely to pass. Doyle has attended many of the meetings in the last two years. He is concerned about a couple of changes in the ordinance which would affect density in the North Valley. We successfully fought the proposal to build this way on the 3010 Rio Grande lot. The new ordinance will allow two new permissive uses, which are really change of zones. The proponents of this change say that it would prevent the building of mega houses. They will also decrease the input of the NA, and they also reduce the notification to within boundaries. They try before the end of the year and this term of the Mayor and Council. There is a possibility of amendments. They intend on eliminating the special character protection for our neighborhood. For two years there will be no protection. Doyle will draft a letter 

to the committee about the concerns. Our bylaws has as a purpose for the NA preserving the Rio Grande Blvd Plan. 

7. Other North Valley issues: 

A.Comanche/Griegos Waste Transfer Station update: everyone hoping that this plan will be eliminated. Eleanor reported on the last Environmental Committee meeting where lawyers for both sides argued, and members were present. A deferral was agreed upon and this will be after the mayoral election. 

B. Rio Grande Crossing: hearing 9/24/17. Steve will make a presentation. The main argument is that it will allow significant increase in density and commercial activity. 

8. Facebook site for RGBNA: Jim reported. There's a public group set-up. 

9. Increasing membership: discussed joining by businesses. Will bring it up at the membership meeting. As above as in announcement for membership meeting. 

10. Other matters: 

11. Adjourn 7:52 PM. 

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