Minutes from official meetings

Fall Meeting 10/26/2017


Fall Meeting October 26, 2017 

Los Griegos Center 1231 Candelaria NW 

6:00 pm 

Call to order 6:01 PM.
                                                                                                         Four Valley Police officers and two additional APD officials introduced themselves. Bailey McCullough is the liaison, she encouraged all to feel free to contact them with any questions of comments. Contact information: tel: 505-761-6605; bscanlon@cabq.gov

2. Treasurer's report: Only expense was for GoDaddy website account, $110. Total in our account is $1,285.75. Full report to follow. 

3. Introduced and reviewed website and social media. 

4. Update on happenings in the neighborhood: 
A. Roundabout. Update by Doyle.
B. RioGrande Crossing (Garcia property). Update by Doyle and Eleanor. Issues about their request to change zoning, which would allow both residential and commercial development. There is legal opposition.
C. Boulevard re-stripping. Update by Eleanor and discussion, reported communication with Ike Benton. Study not quite conclusive whether or not this slowed traffic down.
D. Question from audience regarding Campbell development. Board members reported about informational meeting with the developer. 

5. Commanche/Griegos Proposed Waste Transfer Station/Edith:  Update by Eleanor. Delay in legal proceedings will bring the case into new Mayoral administration. Invite people to donate toward the legal fees. 

6. Integrated Development Ordinance:                                Representatives from City Administration and the City Council presented. In 2014 City Council passed a resolution to planning department to review and suggest updating the old and dated plans (70's and 80's). At the time 'Sector Plans' were created for old neighborhood. Created situation of half of city plan is under this format and other half suburban-type plans. There are many types of zoning, etc. The new Comprehensive Plan updated and simplified all of this, and made it much more user-friendly. They took best practices from each existing zoning and applied them in the comprehensive plan. It took two years and 300 meetings to complete. In this presentation they focus only on North Valley. ABC-zone.com. Steve Ewing articulated issues with new plan regarding preserving the nature and character of the Valley and that the promises to preserve these characteristics were not kept. Discussed. Requested personal meeting with them. They invited us to come to open office hours twice a week. 

7. Adjourn 7:45 PM. 

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