Minutes from official meetings

Annual Meeting May 17, 2017

Annual Meeting was held May 17, 2017

Meeting Minutes



MAY 17, 2017



1. The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.


2. Speakers:

President of the Board Steve Ewing welcomed speakers and thanked them for their service, commending them for their dedication and hard work. 


Ike Benton, City Councilor


Reported on passing of the budget at the City Council. Discussed issues of revenues, expenditures. Emphasis on retaining police officers. Coronado Park Fire Department Station was permanently funded. Homeless vouchers. Pilot program for a shuttle for homeless and disabled people. Building Code reforms, questions regarding increase in density in the North Valley, agricultural areas. This is a long term process. Questions from membership: Question of attitudes to undocumented persons, no change in position of the Council. DPM issues, specifically on Rio Grande Blvd. Re-striping was implemented, now about six months, time for evaluation: engineers say it's basically working. Roundabout: still planned and funded, but delayed. Now received cooperation from all four corners' property owners, slowly progressing. Show of hands: vast majority feel that striping has been helpful and that they still want to see roundabout built. 


Debbie O'Malley, County Commissioner


Her work now focuses on the un-incorporated areas within the County. Reported about procurement codes; economic development policies with more oversight were adjusted, more transparency, tax revenues distribution; tiny-home village project, modeling after Eugene Oregon, idea is to provide safety for homeless people and create a community for them; Discussed large development situation in the West side, she opposed the tax break. 


Bill O'Neill, State Senator


Special session starts next week. Thanked constituency for responding to the surveys and other communications, urged community to communicate with him. Discussed passing of the budget which was passed overwhelmingly. The Senate works cooperatively, the bi-partisan urge, less so in the House. Governor vetoed most of it. Courts wary about getting involved. In this budget there was no capital outlay due to decreased revenue. Bond rating is in trouble. Unsure about the outcome. This situation is an anomaly. 



John Kelly, Board Member MRGCD


Water Utility Authority Hundred-year water plan was announced and the water supply is in good stand. Silver minnow program continues, some adjustments were made to be based on performance. Election for Board will start on 5/22/17. The district is recovering from a big budget deficit. Different projects in cooperation with other agencies. Mr. Hammond, the principle engineer, prepared a long-term plan, $170 million, which will require effort to find funding sources. Boat access in Alameda, now spot is convenient to access. Question about mosquitoes disease-carrying: should be careful, and they are cooperating with Health Department.


David Wood, GGNA re: Waste Transfer Station


Explained the plan. It is about zoning, and it has been going on for three years. Hired the best land-usage attorney. They have run enormous legal expenses. Councilor Benton got them a $25,000 fund for economic-impact study. The residents and businesses are in agreement, which is rare. This will not be a benign situation if passed: increased traffic, environmental health issues. Commissioner O'Malley funded a health-impact study. Next hearing is June 8. They believe that if they stop it there it will likely not go through. If not they will appeal. They had a mayoral forum and all candidates said that they will oppose it. On June 1 afternoon Flying Star will hold a fund-raiser, 10% of proceeds from orders will be donated. Questions: legal expenses so far have been $50,000, they raised $33,000 and need to raise remainder. City paying for legal expenses if they win, unlikely to be successful. Show of hands in support of the RGBNA donating some money to the GGNA for this cause. 


Peggy Norton Re: Candelaria Farms Management Plan


She is the President of the Alvarado Gardens N/A. Reviewed the issues around violation of purpose of Candelaria Farms as a wild-life preserve. Neighbors were mobilized last year after the new farmer contracted by City sprayed the whole farm with Roundup. He also did not plant any wild-life vegetation. Councilor Benton helped to pass a resolution to reverse the area to the original plan. Farmer submitted a plan which still does not fulfill the purpose. A Technical Advisory Group was established and began working on the project. The meetings are open to the public. Questions. There are financial issues. Christianne Hinks is the RGBNA representative to the group. 


3. Treasury Report. 

Only expense this year is for Post Office Box, $63. Current balance is $1,580.34. 


Steve Ewing expressed gratitude to Doyle Kimbrough for his hard work on behalf of the RGBNA.


4. North Valley and RGBNA Items: 


1 Rio Grande Boulevard Complete Street Project. Doyle reported on our successful effort to stop development off RG, and increase density. Thanked Steve as well. 

2 Zoning and Variance Actions taken by the board. Doyle and Steve discussed, with comments from membership. 

3 Rio Grande Boulevard and Candelaria Roundabout. as discussed with Mr. Benton. 

4 Impact of New Comprehensive Plan on RGBNA. Discussed by Doyle and Steve.

5 Impact of new Integrated Development Ordinance on RGBNA. Discussed by Doyle and Steve.



5. Election of Board Members. Jim Kenney volunteered for the Board. Monica and Pat agreed to stay on the board for another term. All three were unanimously elected. 


6. Adjourned 8 PM. 

Board Meeting 7/19/2017


Board Meeting


Los Griegos Center

6:00 pm

1.  Call to order, 6:07 PM. Present Doyle, Steve, Pat, Eleanor, Monica, Denise. 

2.  Election of officers, Eleanor was elected President, Jim elected Vice President. Doyle will remain Treasurer and Monica will remain Secretary. Steve will remain as a member at large. 

3.  Treasurer's report: we only have 71 paying members. Last year we did snail mail. Decided to send letters to all data base members. Would cost about $200. We can afford, with $1,270 in the bank. Also do some advertisement for the NA, such as posting a flier at Flying Star (Eleanor will do) and Coop. Paid for website hosting name domain. Discussed transitioning to GoDaddy for the website builder. Doyle and Monica will work on this. The current Realtime Solution web builder is due, and is more expensive. 

4.  Appointment of members to North Valley Coalition. Approved continuation of Doyle as our representative and Pat as second. 

5.  Boulevard striping discussion. Paint is fading, will need to re-do. Steve will talk to Ike Benton about making this more permanent. This was discussed also at the Annual Meeting. More general issues about using the striping city-wide. The way it is now is confusing. Will compile some comments to submit to Ike by Steve. 

6.  Roundabout discussion. There was a major accident with truck going through neighbor's wall. Steve will discuss the topic with Ike. 

7.  Integrated Development Ordinance discussion. There seems to be some limiting of notification to N/A's About zone changes. Also would not be able to comment on issues unless it happens within boundaries (now also neighboring boundaries can comment). Doyle reported updates on the process. He will continue to work on that. 

8. Comanche/Griegos Waste Transfer Station update. The process has been slowed down. They are still in debt for the lawyer, but better. There's a discussion about economic impact. 

9. Candelaria Farms update. There are a number of groups working on this. There is no budget for the farmer. 

10. Projects on Rio Grande Boulevard discussion, the Rio Grande Crossing (Garcia) project discussed. Proposed changes in zoning. North Valley Coalition will send a letter of appeal. 

11. Other matters. Eleanor suggested having an informational meeting for the membership in the fall. Probably late September. 

12. Adjourn  

Board Meeting 4/17/2017

Rio Grande Boulevard Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Board Meeting

April 5, 2017


Attending: Doyle, Steve, Denise, Pat, Monica


ABC-Z Comprehensive Plan; Doyle reported on latest. Discussion about the changes, complications/difficulties, issues regarding protecting the essence and character of our area. There will be six months period to get input from the NA's. Thanking Doyle for following and working on it. Doyle will send a document to City, and will continue to work with North Valley coalition. 


RG Boulevard Striping. Most people thought it's working but there are some issues with turns and bike. Suggested painting the bike lane in different color. We will give feedback. 


Roundabout: Discussed. Strong concerns about pedestrian crossing at the intersection, very dangerous, need Roundabout. Effect on making striping permanent.


Annual meeting: reserved room May 18th. Board members will work on inviting different speakers. 


Board Nominations. A board member position is vacant, need to replace. Steve, Monica, and Doyle are up for re-election. Members will work on recruitment. 


Transfer station: Continued discussion about environmental and neighborhood impacts. Strong community organization, large expenses for people fighting the plan, further studying of the air quality impact. Still delay in finalizing plan. 


Community Policing: Pat will try to go to meetings.