Welcome to the Rio Grande Boulevard Neighborhood Association



  Rio Grande Boulevard Neighborhood Association  Fall Meeting  Updates on: Rio Grande Blvd. Striping, Candelaria Roundabout, ABQ Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), Waste Transfer Station, Rio Grande Crossing, etc. Plus, meet your neighbors!  

  Los Griegos Community Center 1231 Candelaria Road NW 87107  

When: Thursday, 10/26  

  Time: 6 pm  

  Rio Grande Boulevard Neighborhood Association www.riograndeblvd.org  


Our Board

In order to provide a connection to our neighborhood members of the neighborhood are elected to a two year term.  Please take time to get to know members of the neighborhood who are working to a better community.

•  Eleanor Walther - President

•  Jim Kenney  - Vice-President

•  Monica Gilboa - Secretary

•  Doyle Kimbrough - Treasurer

•  Steve Ewing

•  Patricia Stelzner

•  Denise Wheeler


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